Friday, October 31, 2008

I am very ready for this election to be over... more over, I am done talking politics with people. Unless you are actually undecided, there is no point. Short of Obama being revealed as a child molester, I'm not changing my mind. I agree more with Obama than I do with McCain. Period. If you agree more with McCain, good for you! I'm sick of people fighting about things that they won't change their mind about. It's not just politics -- it goes for religion, family values, etc... I firmly believe if you locked a very conservative, faithful christian and a very conservative faithful muslim in a room for two days, told them to pick one religion to agree on, they would still both come out their own religion. Very rarely do people just change. Which is fine! It would be very boring if everyone agreed on everything -- but can we stop being assholes about it? Agree to disagree, I suppose would be the way to put it.

Heading up to salisbury this weekend - hoping to spend time with the Sisters, and see some friends. We are also singing at the church my mom went to. That should be interesting :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Weight Matter.

This post might be a lame topic to some people -- I am forewarning you!

Weight in the Media

I have always known that as a society, we are obsessed with the way people look. There are an infinite number of magazines dedicated to scrutinizing celebrities bodies, and offering miracle diets for the less worthy, but still weight obsessed, general public. People do hydro-colonic, drink maple syrup, eat nothing but a cube of cheese, all in the hopes to have the perfect body. While I will admit to being somewhat of a pop-culture whore (I like to know what is going on) I am always frustrated by this focus of weight. Now, there are two reasons that made me actually want to write about this. 1) is the recent focus on Eva Longoria and her drastic weight gain for a TV show role. First of all, let me just say, I don't watch Desperate housewives. I don't pay particular attention to Eva Longoria in general, but when people started freaking out about her weight I looked at pictures. I really don't see a difference. She got a hair cut? She looks fabulous. I will be thrilled to have a body like hers. Well, in reading an article where Ms. Longoria was actually interviewed she stated that she gained SEVEN POUNDS. That is it!!! I feel like this is ridiculous! She said she didn't even change sizes, she is still a SIZE ZERO. Ok, so everyone is freaking out that this woman is ballooning -- and she still wears a size zero. This is insane. INSANE. Are we really that obsessed? I think so. This brings me to
2) My own weight. While I myself have not changed sizes, I recently weighed myself and found out that I weigh 145 pounds. I am 5'7". I eat fairly well. I am active. And somehow, in the last 2-3 years I have gained 20 pounds. Now, mind you, I have gotten married, which I know occasionally will make people gain weight. My clothes still fit, but there are bloated days when I feel exceptionally "blarg", and putting a certain pair of jeans might not be appealing. It is more the NUMBER that is bothering me. 20 pounds! How could I gain that much weight and not really notice? I don't know. Even more disturbing is the fact that the thought went through my mind to try one of these crazy maple syrup diets! I don't think i'm fat. I think that I still look good in my clothes. I may be a bit curvier now than I was (ok, I definitely am), but generally speaking I feel ok. Adam thinks I look great, and I think he loves my curves. I am not unhealthy, obese or even chubby. So why does it matter? It shouldn't. But it does. And it drives me crazy that despite my best efforts to just feel good about myself, there is a magazine somewhere waiting to bereate me, and make me feel like trying to survive on air and only air for a few days.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've got a lot on my mind at the moment. A lot I'd like to talk about, but not to share with the whole world as this does. Being in NC is hard for this reason -- I need a face to face with some friends, and it is really not accessible. So, I'm trying to keep from just blabbing it all out on here ... we'll see how that goes.

Presidential debate is on tonight -- I didn't watch the first one. I feel like I need to pay more attention to them, but at the same time I'm mostly getting my updates from the internets, and am feeling too lazy to be really involved in this election -- I dunno, maybe because I'm still hurt from the last election, ha :)