Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, so I have TOTALLY sucked at updating. But here we go --

Things are still going well here -- Time seems to somehow get away from me. I guess I have no real markers for it. It doesn't really matter for my job what day it is -- a baby is pretty much the same everyday. Eat, Sleep, Poop, Cry -- not always in that order. But, this is most likely the reason for my lack of updating. My little sister called me Emo-tastic for having a blog -- but you know what, oh well. I hope this comes off as more reflective than emo, but if it doesn't, whatcha gonna do. I just made a new AIM name-- I've had the same one for a long time so, like the blog!, I got a new one.

This weekend was really great -- Sunday Adam and I stayed in our PJs and watched TV all day. It was fabulous. Charlotte is having a gas crisis because of the refinery in Houston being shut down because of a silly little hurricane! Psh. But, there is virtually no gas in Charlotte, and everyone is freaking out. Plus Wachovia was bought by CitiBank today, and Wachovia is one of the main Jobs here -- so we'll see how this goes. I don't know anything about Economics ( or "reflected-sounds-of-underground-spirits" -- ten points if you get that) so I can't really comment on all this mess, but it doesn't seem good to me. I think I shall try and find out more about what is going on, so I can formulate a real opinion on it.
I feel too scatterbrained at the moment to say anything of real substance. I am listening to music to avoid hearing the TV -- Adam is watching Heroes, and it's too creepy for me to watch right before bed. Okay, hopefully I'll rectify the crappy blog situation shortly.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This weekend proved to be fabulous. It was really nice to spend time with new people, and just feel like we have friends! I do realize, though, that I miss my friends in Maryland A LOT. My sisters, C, and H and D especially.
Anywho, we went to dinner last night with M and C, and had a great time. Even if Adam did manage to drink an entire bottle of wine by himself -- which resulted in a very drunk husband. This morning, after convincing Adam that yes, he did have to get up, we met K and K for brunch! I actually felt busy, and it felt like part of our "new life" here. It was lovely. Took Simon to the dog park this afternoon, he only lasted about 45 minutes -- it was HOT here today. We have not had any hurricane issues yet.
Serious topic for the moment: Music.
I've really been trying to get back into listening to a variety of music. I feel that i forget sometimes how much I really love it, and how much it really affects me. Especially classical music. I can listen to a piece of music and feel happy or sad or a mixture of much more complex emotions. I remember how much I love opera, even if I can't understand any of it. Not only that, but I've been trying to revisit things like Ani Difranco, and some newer folk music (ie, Meiko -- lovely girl). I miss finding new music, and listening to the memories old music brings.
It feels good to be writing again, as well. I know most of this is useless, and lacking in entertainment value, but it feels good for me to just get things out there. While there are much more in depth things I would like to write about, I feel that this is not exactly my medium for such things.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Religion has always been something of great interest to me. At present, I would not consider myself religious in any particular way. It seems difficult for me to find something that I truly believe in. For me, Christianity is definitely out. I stuck with that for a while, and my mind set is just too liberal for it. Not to mention there are just some aspects I find wholly unbelievable. I'm sure that there is no "perfect" religion -- something will always be questioned. I think part of the problem is many religions are based on ideas from thousands of years ago. We are not the same species we were then. Many people will argue that point -- but this is how I feel. Religious texts are sometimes taken much too literally. I feel that the texts themselves teach lessons that may be important, but how relevant is the content, the stipulations now? I am certain I believe in God in some form. I use the name God, because it is what I am most familiar with -- Should I find something agreeable where the deity is referred to by another name, it certainly would not bother me. I guess all this is coming from a desire to find something. Is it possible that no one religion or philosophy will satisfy me? Highly. Will I continue to look? Definitely.

Okay, after all that seriousness:
Adam and I are going out to dinner tonight with a couple we met at the dog park! I am very excited. We have already made friends with another couple, and so I really feel good that we will meet people with similar interests! Making friends was one of the things that I was really concerned about when moving, but I have absolutely no worries now. I met K a couple weeks ago, we have really hit it off! I look forward to getting to know her better and spend more time with her; we really seem to have a lot in common. Dinner tonight should be fun, too! M and C have also just recently moved to the area, and know no one. They have a cute dauchsaund/boston terrier mix that Simon ran away from:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First - revisited

So having said that I will be starting a new blog, I felt like I should do just that.

My husband and I just ran away. We left Maryland and decided to begin a life of our own. Of course we didn't truly run away, but some times it feels like it. Having only moved with my parents, or to a place I was already familiar with, moving so far is incredibly strange. It is very exciting to explore a new city, and I am thrilled with all the options and opportunities there are (even if I don't have anyone to attend the Ballet or Opera with me yet...) At times I feel deeply sad for leaving what was my home. I didn't realize until I'd left that it was, but I suppose that is the way life is at times. Moving has certainly made me reflect a lot. I've realized that one simple choice made differently would have completely changed where I am at this point. That thought is scary. How can one be sure the correct choice is made? I suppose you can't. I am fairly certain I am where I should be, and trying not to have regrets about anything, although that is a far more difficult task than the glittering lights of hollywood make it out to be.
I've more been thinking about the people in my life that I have left behind. The ones who I'm not in contact with now. I'm sure the last time we spoke I didn't think that that could be it. It really couldn't have been. I'll only go back to Maryland to visit people I already know and love... I doubt I'll be rekindling any old friendships at this point. In some cases it makes me feel like I'm losing someone, in others just a bewildered sense of mis-connection. Some people meant so much to me, and still do. Some of these people shaped me, on the inside. And here we are, not speaking, just existing as though the other was never truly important. And this makes me feel more like an adult. I need to relinquish the childish thoughts that everyone good remains in your life. It is disheartening to think of -- this whole piece of my life only exists inside of myself. And should the other person deem me so important, it may exist in them as well.


I decided that with a new location come new thoughts. Thoughts I may in fact want to share. This will be the second blog I have kept in my life -- the first one I maintained for several years. I considered going back to that one, but it didn't feel right. So, here i am, starting over in yet another facet of my life. If you'd like to come along for the ride, I certainly won't complain.