Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holidays, Babies, and John Mayer

I've been trying to think of something else to post about, besides the holidays, but my brain is really failing me. I am extremely excited to be going to MD next week to see the people that I love! I knew the holiday season had OFFICIALLY started when I cried at a Macy's commercial last week ;) The ones with kids always get to me.
I guess the one thing I can talk about is that I do feel fortunate at the moment -- fortunate that I am able to be working a job that I truly love doing! It might not be some peoples idea of 'success', but I can't think of anything better than wanting to go to work everyday. I feel lucky that Adam has been supportive of my being Nanny, and not pushed me to do something that may be more lucrative. This year has brought a lot of crazy stuff, and nearing the end of the year makes me feel good about all the changes that have happened. There have certainly been times when I have guessed if what I was doing was the 'right thing'... but at this point I feel good about most things in my life.

On a random side note -- John Mayer makes the oddest faces while singing.

Happy Holidays to all -- I'll send my customary "Happy Chrismahannakwanzicah" out to you all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just a little something I wrote today... it feels unfinished, but I thought I'd share it.

Despite the fact that I have not seen a single drop of rain, the ground is soaked. Droopy leaves are all huddled together, doing their best to continue shouting that fall is still here! Winter has not yet driven us away! The blacktop driveway is glistening, like some sort of strange, tar ice pit. While the sky resembles weather approaching a storm, it seems that somehow everything is just WET. It is a shame that it has happened this way. I actually enjoy the sound rain falling -- to skip my favorite part of an otherwise miserable activity is a pretty disappointing. No matter -- in a few minutes the sky has opened up, and I can barely see across the street through the downpour. The sound is like a breeze blowing through a thousand trees, leaves quivering with the excitement of so much wet and motion. Once the rain has slowed so the outdoors are once again visible, I notice that everything seems a bit more vibrant. It is always like this with the rain… the grass seems greener, cheering on the nutritious shower; trees somehow seem taller, their branches outstretched to drink in every drop possible; even cars look newer, shining with the fresh coat of gloss. It is amazing to me that all of this has happened in the span of half an hour… wind and water working together to refresh, rejuvenate.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

After I have Dreamed -- for real!

I am quite used to weird dreams. It is kind of what I do. I've had nightmares since I was about 12 years old, and they have always woken me up, and made it difficult to actually sleep -- I've even had the occasion where I know I'm in a dream, but I get "stuck". Willing myself to wake up from the terrors in my mind, I am unable to do so. Last night was a new experience for me. Through some series of events in my nightmare, I was shot in my right leg. After being shot I woke up to find my WHOLE LEG IN PAIN. My calf was all cramped up, and it took a bit of stretching to get myself comfortable enough to finally go back to sleep. So my question is this: Was my leg in pain because of the dream, or did I dream that because I was already in pain? It was very weird. The only time I've had physical manifestation from my dreams is maybe waking up crying or something to that effect. It just makes me wonder really about the power of the mind.