Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ok, so I wrote a whole entry and had to delete it because it was just so damn dark. The combination of snow, midterms and my general life stress is making me a tad crazy. I'm sure it would have been wonderfully interesting for you to witness my lapse into insanity, but for now I think I'll keep that bit personal.
This week has been tough, if for no other reason than I'm actually trying to deal with things, instead of simply ignoring them, a tactic that I have employed for years. Honestly, I don't know why people do this... pretending everything is ok, and waiting out the shit seems much easier than being a responsible adult about things. I've also been trying to recover from the crap that settled in my chest, and am only sleeping in a codeine-infused cough medicine stupor.
School has felt overwhelming at moments, but I am managing to keep it mostly under control. Having 3 midterms this week is less than ideal, but once those are over I have a week of spring break! While I won't be sunning myself in beautiful Cabo, or skiing in some far off mountain resorand trying to regain some of my previously gained composure.

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